Sunday, August 20, 2017

The West And Europe Reacts To Jihad Terror

Another day, another murderous atrocity by the religion of never-ending peace. How will we, the West and Europe, react?

Like a roomful of adorable rainbow ponies or with something stronger? A response that gets its head around the baffling concept that, you know, there might be a correlation between Mohammed's religion and the behavior of his followers.

Jihad Runs From Peace Signs

So far things look promising in Spain, where they've laid floral tributes and made a giant, living, candlelit peace sign. That'll stop the Jihad; Moslem fanatics run from flowers and peace signs every time.

Moslem Head-Choppers Don't Like Teddy Bears And Candles

They're doing well in Denmark too, with their new "hug a jihadi" program. ISIS quakes and who can blame them. After all, who wants to be hugged by a safe-space Dane? Terrifying.

A Typical CNN Dream Catcher

Of course here in America, CNN's busy getting to the root of the problem, which is clearly white supremacism, the Klu Klux Klan and statues of nineteenth century generals. Bye-bye Lee, bye-bye Jihad. And note this, there aren't any statues of Stonewall Jackson in liberated Mosul. Problem. Solved.

But We're Bored Of Jihad! Time To Sleep.

All this aside, the West could do the unthinkable and... no, that would be racist because as everyone knows, Islam's a race.

Behold The Genius Of Yoko, And John

So stay tuned for more daily Jihad terror as the West and Europe in particular, continue to ride the rainbow with gay abandon. And that's just fine until the Sharia Police throw you off the top of the nearest building. 

John and Yoko forever,


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tales of Country Life in Texas

It was a day much like any other day, triple digit heat bouncing off Walmart's car park and you could feel the nuttiness as soon as you got inside the store. 

There it was, no sooner through the automatic doors and people were acting weird, off-hand and unbalanced, as though things could spin out of control. Maybe it was the heat.

Random SMLE

I took a cart and pushed on to stock up, milk, bread, wine, cheese and for some reason, root beer. It seemed good to me, I don't know why and it wasn't easy to get, there was too much random motion.

As I pulled the 4 pack of IBC into the cart, a weather-beaten woman slid across the aisle in front of me in dirty socks. No shoes, just socks; I guess it's easier to skate over Walmart's vinyl floor in socks, shoes have too much traction. I dodged out of the way but didn't get far.


A grinning, white haired giant loomed out of the freezer aisle into my path. "Say," he growled, "What's the only room in the hospital where they'll notice you?" I wasn't feeling quick and told him I didn't know. That satisfied him, after all, this was his joke. "I'll tell you, Emergency. They have a sign, says I... C... U..." 

We locked eyes and a grin creased his already lined, tan face. I told him that was pretty funny and he nodded. A moment of understanding. In the meanwhile, sock-skater had disappeared into the depths of the store and I checked out, passing the old men sitting on the bench outside the hair salon, looking brown as nuts under their veterans hats and not doing much at all except regarding the spectacle of the place unfold. This was their afternoon; I noticed one had been in Korea, but don't stare, it's rude.

Note The 12

I loaded my groceries into the rig and there, across the melting asphalt, were two young guys playing show-and-tell with a pump action twelve gauge outside their truck. Hey, why not, it's Walmart in August, there's no rule. 

Back home, Eduardo and Maria were slaughtering chickens in the back yard and getting it on to some Mexican music. They're good people and I like them; sometimes they bring me fresh eggs, which taste better than the things you buy in stores.

And that's country life.

In Texas,


Friday, August 18, 2017

Is Putin A God?

According to Sputnik he may well be.

Unlike all these characters, Putin... is omnipotent and omnipresent, moving unseen and appearing without warning, performing a variety of evil deeds and vanishing without a trace.

Sputnik certainly has a point but evil deeds? Like stopping Hillary from getting elected and doing so without any sign or proof of doing so. Pretty godlike, for sure, but evil? Hardly.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that the faked-up Russian hacking frenzy has mysteriously died down only to be replaced with a new frenzy, statue smashing. That's obviously worth far more air time than, say, the insignificant news of Debbie Wasserman Shultz's IT aide getting indicted.

Could it be that shadowy Russian double agents within the very fabric of the US intelligence community are conspiring, yet again, to expose Democrat corruption; all thanks to the sinister machinations of the Kremlin's godlike strongman, Vladimir Putin himself?

Who knows, maybe Mr. Assange will finally put the so-called collusion story, sorry, lie, to bed. Thus proving that it was Putin all along who thwarted Hillary's ambition to be the most powerful woman in the world. No proof is clearly proof itself.

In the meanwhile, Gettysburg isn't removing Confederate monuments, inspiring ISIS everywhere to persist in its reign of savage terror.



Thursday, August 17, 2017

Barcelona Jihad

I was getting ready to leave the leafy boulevards of Olde Dallas when the news struck. No, not the bizarro call by Vice News to blow up Mount Rushmore because it's so racist, but the Jihad atrocity in Barcelona.

It seems a couple of Muslims rammed a van into a crowd outside a kosher restaurant, killing 13 and wounding 100. Two followers of the religion of never ending peace have been arrested and a third is apparently at large.

Why would three peace-loving followers of the most peaceful religion the world has ever seen do such a thing? Obviously not because they were following the example of Mohhamad,who never did a violent thing in his life, like head-chopping, enslaving, waging war; no, nothing like that. So why? Islamophobia? Racism? Maybe a bit of all of that and more.

According to CNN's acclaimed genius reporter, Wolf Blitzer, the Barcelona attack was inspired by white supremacists in Charlottesville. So now you know.

Islam didn't have anything to do with the latest in a string of murderous Moslem truck Jihad terror attacks, it was the Klan.

And of course, Mount Rushmore has to go.

ISIS laughs,


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rebel Yell Impeach Trump

Why? Because he told the lying, sly, venal, corrupt, elite, millionaire socialist elite media that violence on both sides of the Charlottesville spectrum was wrong.

Oh. What. A. Nazi.

Presumably because he didn't adopt the the culturally ascendant, media-driven rhetoric of the Left and endorse the feces throwing, Soros-funded Antifa protesters. That, he said, was wrong and so were the risible antics of the Klan. 

I'd call that common sense instead of  fascism and I'd bet my fighting monkey that most Americans would agree. However, the debate does spur on the urge to enlist creative people to make up life-size street art images of Confederate Generals. Three for every statue taken down. At least.

In the meanwhile, sorry, BLM and friends, you lost the election and lost hard. The country doesn't like you.



The Assumption

Listen up, heathen. It's the Feast of the Assumption, so here's a prayer:
May this hallowed feast shower us with saving grace, O Lord; since today the mother of God underwent the death of the body yet could not be held in deathbonds, as having brought forth Your incarnate Son, Our Lord; Who lives and reigns...

And here's the Latin, for all you trads out there, from the Dominican Breviary.

Veneránda nobis, Dómine, huius diéi festívitas opem cónferat salutárem, in qua sancta Dei Génetrix mortem súbiit temporálem, nec tamen mortis néxibus déprimi pótuit, quae Fílium tuum Dóminum nostrum de se génuit incarnátum: Qui tecum vivit et regnat...

I think the Latin's better, but that's just me.

God bless,


Smash The Statues!

The best thing about removing statues of honorable Confederate generals is that it's going to eliminate poverty, injustice and oppression everywhere. 

No longer will persons of color and feminist theater study majors have to trudge in slavery under the baleful glare of General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart. Smash the statues! Strike off the manacles of fascism! And by the way, eliminate borders so that everyone can be controlled by our unimaginably wealthy transnational elite at slave labor wages.

To coin a phrase, what a crock. So come on, Sabo et al, let's see some life size Confederate street art, everywhereAs I pondered this on the Compound's southern values porch, my son came out, looking suspiciously sharp. 

"A friend's coming to get me," he announced cheerily. "Well that's nice, kid," I replied, like a member of Parson's Brigade and before you could whistle Dixie, up pulls the friend in a brand new, gleaming white F250.

Not My Rig

I tell you, it made my rig look like child's play.

Ride on,


Monday, August 14, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Perhaps you've forgotten that it's Melania Mondays!, what with all the statue disturbance going on. Nothing quite like destroying a statue to establish a brave new world globalist utopia, eh? Open borders, TPP, anyone? Occupy Soros, you risible, amnesiac hippies.

Regardless, here at the Compound we most certainly haven't forgotten about the best day of the week. That's right, Monday, Melania Monday

And guess what, America's popular First Lady hasn't been idle, far from it. She's taken a stand for decency, denouncing the recent violence in Charlottesville on social media, “Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let's communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence.”

Well said, FLOTUS. Take note, Soros-funded fauxtrage; peace and love, please. And remember this. Message to market, /our guys know how to shoot. But that's not all.

Melania's popularizing heels. 8" big time. Good work, Melania. Right in the X Ring.

First Lady, you look good. Thank you for doing your part to make America great again.



Sunday, August 13, 2017

Jesus Walks On Water

Once you get over the video, in which rich sybarite hippies rip-off someone's pricey sailboat, consider this.

When Christ walks on the water He proves His divinity. The Word who spoke creation into being has power over its elements. And the mystical meaning?

The faithful, in the ark of salvation, set sail on the waters of the world as Our Lord ascends the mountain to commune with the Father. In the evening of the day, after many centuries, tempest threatens to overwhelm the Church. But Christ, appearing in the 4th Watch, at the very end of time, stills the storm and rescues the faithful, taking them to the other side of the turbulent sea, to Paradise.

And the moral meaning?

The ship of the soul, endowed by Christ with virtues and graces, signified by the disciples, sets out over the waters of creation while He is in Heaven with the Father. In the evening of the day, as life progresses towards its end, trials and tumults, storms, threaten to swamp the soul but at the final moment, in the 4th Watch, the Judgement, Jesus returns and stills the storm, leading the faithful soul to safety.

So the Gospel does at least three things. Reinforce or prove the divinity of Christ and show the timorous Christian that not only does He have the ship of the Church in hand but also the soul. 

Both will reach the other side of the sea, regardless of the storm. But what about Peter, does he act as a focus or summation of the literal and mystical meaning of the miracle. It seems that he does.

Peter stands for the literal. "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God," he says in his confession of faith; He is the rock, accordingly, on which the ship of the Church is founded. As such, he is the faithful soul who goes out to meet Christ across the waves. And when he sinks under their tumult, as we all do, Jesus takes him by the hand and rescues him from the tempest.

Lord save me! cries Peter. 

I cannot think of a better prayer.

God bless,


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Diocese of Kentucky Caught On Camera

Shocked cryptozoologists have captured video footage of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky, living under a trestle bridge in Louisville, near an abandoned church.

The frightening images came to light on game cameras as developers gained permission to build retail and office space on abandoned wasteland in the vicinity of the bridge. 

Planning Commission staff cited that a mix of commercial uses had been proposed "in a rural area where the scale is inappropriate for the surrounding large rural single family lots. The Diocese of Kentucky is part of folklore but has to move on."

Known locally as the Pope Lick Monster, the Diocese of Kentucky is not to be confused with the Anglo-Catholic movement but may be a species of hybrid.

The Diocese of Kentucky is an enthusiastic supporter of gay marriage and womyn priests. Diocesan Staff were not available for comment.


Friday, August 11, 2017

The Transhuman Revolution

Scientists and the military are collaborating with futurists and venture capitalists to create a new breed of human, superhumans that transcend our current state through biotechnological augmentation. Science fiction, or science fact?

Science Fiction?

Sources deep within DAARPA have revealed that transhumans are a reality and living among us. However, what some welcome as the next stage in human evolution is still in the early stages of development.


Initial transhuman experiments have shown that chimeras are prone to sociopathic ambition and startling reality cognition dissonance; they lie, constantly, and are typically prone to fits of murderous rage to achieve personal advantage.

A Typical Transhuman Experiment

Others display disturbingly narcissistic behavioral traits while some experiments show an inability to control themselves or think rationally.

New World Order

Will the ongoing attempt to create a new humanity move past these failures into a utopian future of higher humanity, a future defined by a DNA enhanced, germline superclass? A new world order, overseen by gene-spliced supersoldiers?

You, the reader, be the judge,


Big Trans Says No Texas Bathroom Bill or Has Satan Driven Them Insane?

There's a law, the Bathroom Bill, which may or may not get through a special session of Texas' state legislature. What is this so-called "Bathroom Bill"? It's a draconian ordinance, forcing people to use the bathrooms of their biological gender. 

So, if you're a man and you identify as a woman you're straight out of luck. Bathroom Bill says you have to use the man's bathroom. Harsh, eh? As in, say goodbye to freedom, Texas. But don't worry; this fascistic law, which threatens to trample our most basic civil liberties underfoot, doesn't seem likely to pass.


That's because Big Business has gone Big Trans, with some 51 Fortune 500 companies, such as Halliburton, opposing the freedom-crushing legislation. All told, over 720 businesses oppose the bill, claiming that it would harm Texas' business friendly reputation and make it hard to attract and retain skilled workers.


Yes. Think of the hundreds of thousands of highly skilled transsexuals who will flee the state if Bathroom Bill gets its way. Imagine the labor shortage, picture the hollowed out shells of once prosperous Mega Corporations lining the gender dysphoric highways of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. 

Dallas After Bathroom Bill

Then, as this apocalyptic vision of the future unfolds, see, with your mind's eye, the downtrodden masses trudging wearily to yet another day of scarcity, oppression and biologically assigned "restrooms." But there is no rest for them, Bathroom Bill killed that.

Blue Chip Satan

Horrific, isn't it. Fortunately, the nation's Blue Chips and their lesser allies should stop this odious law, allowing Texans everywhere to celebrate their gender fluidity in the toilet of their choice. And we have to ask.

Some Bloke That Thinks He's a Girl

Has Satan driven these clowns insane? As you ask yourself that, don't forget that Baphomet's trans.